What Is A Gimbal And How It Works

Gimbals can be understood as a device which can help you shoot some incredibly shake-free images and videos. A good Gimbal has become an absolute need of every action camera enthusiast as it helps in stabilizing the shaky hand movements to provide excellent stable footages.

Gimbals were first created with an intention of stabilization of camera to get the stable footages but the introduction of 3-Axis gimbal changed the whole scenario of video recording. These high-end gimbals have blessed the non-professionals with the ability to record incredibly non-shaky and smooth footages.

How A Gimbal Works?

3-axis Gimbal is a high-end stabilizer capable of 3 different motions for best stabilization, this 3 axis gimbal uses brushless motors for fast and efficient movements.

Gimbal Applications

Different gimbals can be found in the market with their varied functionalities, gimbal applications can be defined in 3 broad categories. Why it’s important to know the application? Because every gimbal you are going to purchase is not going to fulfill every required application.

Mounted (Tripod or drone)

Mounted gimbals are the designed to be mounted on different platforms like tripod, helmet, bike or drone. If you are someone who likes to indulge yourself in action sports then you should definitely go for the gimbal that has the capability to be mounted on different platforms.


Wearable gimbals are designed to be wearable and these gimbals normally have long battery life because of the fact that you might be wearing it while traveling. Best wearable gimbals are normally mounted on a chest harness, wrist mount or you can have in on your dog harness.


If your intention is to the video shoot the whole world around you then you should opt for the handheld gimbals, these gimbals are built to be incredibly stable and lower the jitters caused by sudden hand movements. Handheld gimbals are best for Vlogging as well.

Why should you buy one?

  • Of course, the biggest reason to buy a Gimbal is to create stable video footages that you were unable to create ever before. Action cameras are built to be mounted on many devices but most of the time recorded footage was captured very shaky and unprofessional because of the uncertain movements. A good quality Gimbal will rectify your problem and will help you with delivering very professional video footages.
  • Sometimes these gimbals help you reach and record from those angles that were difficult to reach before.
  • Record those most memorable movements of your life without any vibrations, whether you are recording for the professional purpose you are doing a casual recording, it’s always nice to have smooth and stable footage.
  • Can be your next career move! Yes, it’s true. Everyone is blessed with some skill, and with the availability to shoot stable video footages you might be able to explore next big thing in your life.