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Best hth pool chlorines:

Bestseller No. 1
hth Pool Shock Super Shock Treatment 4-in-1 12 count (52016)
  • Add every 7-days
  • Kills bacteria & algae
  • Fast acting 4-in-1 shock treatment
SaleBestseller No. 2
hth Pool Sanitizer 3" Chlorinating Tables 4-in-1 (42010)
  • The hth super 3" chlorinating tablets, 10 lbs
  • They are designed to dissolve slowly to provide a steady source of available chlorine
  • 4-IN-1. Sanitizes up to one week. Sun protected for longer chlorine life Controls algae. Clarifies water
Bestseller No. 3
hth Pool Sanitizer 1" Chlorinating Tablets (42007)
  • Chlorinating Tablets Are An Effective Swimming Pool Water Sanitizer
Bestseller No. 4
hth Pool Sanitizer Small Floater (42027)
  • Sanitizes your swimming pool for brilliantly clear water
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks!
  • Treats pools up to 10,000 gallons
SaleBestseller No. 5
Bestseller No. 6
hth Pool Refill 3-Way Test Kit (1172)
  • The hth 3-way test kit refill provides extra reagents for your hth 3-Way Test Kit
  • This will allow you to test your water even more and help ensure your pool stays clean and clear!
  • Tests for total chlorine, total bromine and pH
SaleBestseller No. 7
Bestseller No. 8
hth Pool Balance Stabilizier (67010)
  • Works to prevent chlorine loss due to intense sunlight
Bestseller No. 9
hth Pool Test Kit 6-Way Test Strips (1174)
  • The hth multi-purpose 6-way test strips will test for free available chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness and cyanuric acid stabilizer
  • These are the readings that will help you keep your pool clean
  • Contains 30 strips. Tests for free available chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness and cyanuric acid stabilizer FREE Water Analysis using the Test to Swim trade; Website/Station/App
Bestseller No. 10
hth Pool Sanitizer 3" Ultimate Chlorinating Tablets 6-in-1 (42017)
  • Tablets sanitize, protect from the sun, clarify, prevent stains and scale, controls algae, and has a built-in water softener

Best hth pool chlorines 2019:

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