How To Shoot Top Aerials With A Drone

Aerial footage has always fascinated us, and people have been in love with the aerial footages even before we had access to any sort of cameras, those days taking aerial footages were costly and only professionals had access to it.

With the introduction of drones in the commercial market, it has changed the whole scenario of aerial photography, drone photography is made available in the market with the starting cost of just $20USD and it has broken all the barriers of aerial photography.

How to do an aerial photography like a professional.

Check the forecast

How To Shoot Top Aerials With A Drone 1It’s good to have the weather prediction before you plan your shoot. A weather forecast will provide you essential information to predict the safety of your drone and it will also make you aware of the most favorable day-time for shooting.

The speed of wind does matter in case of the majority of drones and if you own a reasonable budget drone then you should better have a weather prediction before you go out for the shoot. Additionally, apart from your drone safety, strong winds can have adverse effects on the video and pictures quality because of the jerks.

Time of shooting does matters

Most of the people forget to recognize the fact that quality of your photos depends on the natural light exposure, we recommend you to join a drone photography workshop to play better with natural lights. My personal favorite is an evening time when the sun is about to set, that natural reddish color of the horizon can make the bad view look much better.

Supplement the time of shooting with the “Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB)”, many latest drones are coming with AEB functionality which lets the camera to capture the same photo with different exposure settings. It will let you select the most favorable video exposure for you after the video is recorded.

Get used to of those built-in cinematic features

How To Shoot Top Aerials With A Drone 2Latest drone manufacturing companies are working very hard to provide you ample of built-in cinematic features to make your experience better than before but some people are too lazy to discover those in-built features.

Discovering the in-built cinematic features can provide you the much-needed edge in aerial photography that you have been looking for, you can take help from many unboxing videos available on YouTube to get a better insight on different inbuilt features of drone with a camera.

Use those camera settings.

Do you play with the FPS (frames per second) or camera resolution or Aspect ratios? No? Then how do you expect yourself to be expert in producing incredible cinematic experience?

Aerial photography with a drone is not a big task but producing incredible footage is a difficult task, it requires a lot of practice and creativity to produce a professional shoot that can be achieved by continuous playing with the camera setting and passion for photography.

Shoot RAW footages

Let me tell you a secret, all professionals shoot in RAW footage mode. But why do they do this if the camera can process the videos better? Because the human mind is more capable than any automated processing. RAW footages will help you get the better resolution photos that are easier to edit in the later phase.

Professional never uploads the recordings directly from the camera, they take time to finalize the video and edit it to have sharper images and better user experience.

Be Creative

Photography always required creativity, that’s the reason it was not everyone’s cup of tea before the introduction of smartphones. Creativity can be generated with experiments and being aware of what you are looking for. Let me suggest you some of the creative style aerial photography tips.

–    Point of interest: it is a multi-purpose functionality with make the footage look better and also provides you the 360-degree view of an object. Shooting while on “point of interest” mode will let the drone hover around the object to take the 360-degree view. You can use this mode for your movie or for real-estate business.

–    Unusual patterns and symmetry: If you are shooting with bird’s eye view, looking directly down then it can be a lot of fun to find different kind of patterns and shapes that were never discovered before.

–    Find contrasting colors: one of the sure-shot solutions to have incredibly beautiful aerial footage is look for the contrasting color combinations.

Keep it slow and steady.

How To Shoot Top Aerials With A Drone 3One thing that differentiates the beginner level and expert level drone pilot is their skill to keep the drone steady. Not all the droned comes with excellent 3-axis stabilizer and it required a skilled drone pilot to shoot quality videos with no sudden jerks.

You don’t have to have acrobatic maneuvers for your first videos; sudden drone movements will screw-up your video quality. Try to move your drone in one direction for smooth and steady footage, whether it’s up or down, left or right, forward or backward, move it smoothly with the constant undisturbed pace.

Practice and practice

One of the key aspect of drone photography is the amount of practice and creativity you put in to display, constant practice will make you have better control over your drone and will make eligible to record buttery smooth video footages.