How To Shoot Half Water Photos With GoPro

Shooting a half water photo or split level photo or 50-50 photos were never common before but today everyone seems to try their skill of getting the best half water photos because of its beautiful uniqueness.

But taking those half water photos are not as easy as they look, they involve a lot of technicalities. But what makes it difficult to shoot perfect half water photo?

Field of view: To understand the concept of a field of view close your left eye and bring your finger horizontally close to your right eye, bring the finger as close as you can, can you see anything in front of your finger? Now move your finger 2 inches away from your eye, can you see well now? The same concept applied to the underwater and half water photography, with the use of some additional gadgets, you will be able to have clear and vibrant underwater photos.

Lack of understanding: people are not aware of the scientific concepts of taking a better picture under water, a concept like underwater magnification, color filtration, right weather, etc.

Let’s discuss the tricks that will help you shoot stunning half water images.

GoPro Dome

GoPro Dome is one of the most important and basic gadgets that will be required to have incredible half water or split photographs. This dome helps in pushing the water few inches away from the camera lens that leads to clear and balanced half underwater photo.

Mind your Filters

Do you ever felt like your images are not as colorful and vibrant as compared to other professional photographers? Because you don’t understand the concept and demand of color filters. Ocean seems to be all blue or green and the absence of red color have negative effects on your photo quality. Using red filter while you go for half underwater photography will have a positive effect on your shoot.

Size of dome matters

Although 4-inch dome seems to be the best choice for travelers, we would suggest you go for the 6 inches dome. The bigger dome will provide better space for the camera lens to capture wider area.

Don’t let the sun ruin your footage

Many people don’t seem to mind the sun location and it results in the bad quality photo. Sun it the biggest source of light and your camera is unable to take an efficient picture when the sun is in front. Remember to have the sun on the back side of your camera for a higher quality photo.

Buy floaty accessories

This suggestion is to protect your costly camera from drowning down into the ocean. Although most of the GoPro dome comes with the floating handle that protects it from accidentally drowning down, people who prefer to shoot underwater without a dome should have some floating accessory attached to the camera to protect it from any accidentally dropping it.

Refer that water line

Every dome is provided with the water line, so kindly refer it to the balanced image.

But clicking a picture at the exact water level is not that easy because of continuously moving water. Keep the video recording setting at 60-120 frames per seconds for better video quality and if you are looking for stable images then also put your camera in burst mode or time-lapse mode.

Keep it clean

Even a single drop of water is enough to ruin a perfect picture. Keeping the dome clear is a very important thing. The only drawback of half underwater photo shoot is you need to clear the water from lens every time you dip it in water.


Having a perfect shoot is not a big deal; professionals don’t have any extraordinary power to take great pictures. Professionals are just aware of the perfect conditions required to take perfect pictures, with just little practice you can train yourself to have incredibly vibrant half underwater half above water photographs.