Gopro underwater photography tips

GoPro action cameras came up as a robust solution for all the photographic needs of every person, you can carry it almost anywhere and use it anywhere without much hassle. People have been using their GoPro to shoot all the activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, skateboarding, cycling and any other sports they follow, still many people are confused about the usage of their action camera under water and how to take some incredible underwater footages. Let’s explore the points that you need to take care of before you bundle up for the first underwater shoot.

Do you know that makes the professional photographers different from the casual photographer even if they use all same gadgets? Professional knows how to get the best thing in the lowest efforts. There are some tricks and tips that can help you shoot professional-grade photo and videos underwater.

Tips to have incredible underwater photos and videos underwater.

Check your GoPro Housing

GoPro housing is the best way to shoot underwater without getting worried about wrecking your precious gadget. But before you prepare for the action always check if the housing is leak-proof or not.

Check your camera settings

Shooting underwater is going to be totally different experience than shooting in normal conditions, shaky water is going to prove a lot of difficulties while you try to shoot, especially those 50-50 split level shots. Before you dive into the water with your camera, make sure to change the setting to 60-120 frame per seconds, it will give you better clarity and noise-free photos.

Learn to use filters

We know that everything looks blue and green underwater and there is very little red color under water which makes it very difficult for the camera to shoot close to life photos. Excess of blue and green color and minimum amount of red color makes it difficult for the camera and its internal settings to deliver clear and color-rich footages.

Although the latest version of GoPro camera is built to handle that issue much better than the previous version. But it is always suggested to use the Red filter for blue water and Magenta filters for green water to have rich and sophisticated photos.

Shoot at the RAW mode

Shooting at RAW mode is the best thing you can do if you are trying to achieve professional grade shoots. Shooting at RAW mode will restrict the camera to optimize the image quality and provides you full control to edit the video more efficiently on professional video editing software.

Use GoPro Dome

GoPro dome is the most important thing that you need to carry with your GoPro for the incredible underwater picture; It will help you push the water away from the lens, hence helps in the improved field of view. Water has its own magnification properties and an object never looks same underwater, GoPro dome will help in eliminating the water magnification and will assist in taking balanced photos and videos.

Shoot with the sun behind you

Simple concept, Do you ever shoot a picture when the sun is in front of you? Then you should not expect to shoot such picture underwater as well. If your intention to shoot an object that is above you then you should carry a LED light with you for a clearer image.

Use LED lights

Having a set of LED lights in your GoPro stack is another great thing you can do to your photography experience. There will be many instances when you will be trying to shoot in dark water or deep water where additional lighting will prove to be very beneficial for clear shots.