Corsair k70 LUX RGB Review


Are you looking for a great mechanical keyboard? Then our corsair k70 lux RGB review will help you decide if the Corsair k70 LUX RGB is the right mechanical keyboard for you! Many people still don’t understand why some professionals invest a huge amount of money in these high-end keyboards. I remember when I purchased my first mechanical keyboard around 9 years ago, my friends had considered it an absolute waste of money but later after checking the performance they were all stunned.

A few years ago gaming keyboards were not very much different from the conventional membrane keyboards, they all had a similar working mechanism and the only difference was few fancy lights and shortcut buttons but with the enhancements in the computer gaming, gaming laptops have gone through the considerable technological changes.

Today we are going to discuss each and everything about the mechanical keyboards and we will also be reviewing about two of the highly sold mechanical keyboard around the world.

It’s very important to understand the requirement of investing your hard-earned money in high-end keyboards and are they really worth your investment. Yes, they are definitely worth your investment and if you are a person who is required to spend most of your time in front of your computer or a big fan of online gaming, then you should definitely try your hands on the mechanical keyboards.

Corsair K70 LUX review:


  1. Weight: 1.20 KG
  2. Switches: Cherry MX Red
  3. Keyboard backlighting: RGB LED backlight
  4. Warranty: 2 years
  5. Additional feature: Six dedicated multimedia keys, Volume Up/Down roller, Wrist support and windows lock.

Corsair can definitely be called as a Porsche of mechanical keyboard industry, and with the introduction of K70 LUX Cherry red model Corsair has added another staple keyboard in its glorious army.

Built with superior quality aircraft-grade aluminum frame for added durability and elegance, this K70 LUX contains high-quality Cherry MX switches that help in delivering an incredible gaming experience to the user.

Corsair K70 LUX – Design

Initial thoughts that you get after looking the keyboard for the first time is very positive, due to the high-quality aircraft grade aluminum frame which gives it a very solid and sturdy feel. Unlike other gaming keyboards, K70 doesn’t scream gaming through unnecessary aggressive looks and make it a perfect laptop for the professional use as well. Although you might find it a bit heavy however you will appreciate its sturdiness once you realize that its weight makes it not very easy to slip.

The underside of the keyboard contains 4 rubber grips which save the keyboard from moving around on the desk surface. Another thing that I particularly liked about this keyboard is its volume and playback control given on the Top-right of the keyboard which includes Windows key lock, caps lock, Volume Roller that made the volume control extremely easy.

Corsair K70 RGB LUX – Performance

Corsair has developed its own CUE (Corsair Utility Engine) to handle the functionalities of all the peripherals through centralized command system. This CUE gives you the ability to program the keyboard according to your requirements and setup macros, strings of text, etc. Lightning effects within the CUE is seamless and will give you the ability to choose from the built-in effects or choose to creatively create your own effects, you have got 16.7 million colors to play with.

If you are someone who doesn’t care about the rainbow effects, still I would suggest you go for the RGB version of this keyboard. Buying an RGB backlight gives you the ability to choose any color from 16.7 million color range. It will give you the flexibility to set the color according to your mood and ambiance.

I found the keyboard quite comfortable to use because of the non-slippery and sturdy body, it gave me much more stable feel. Hand rest has provided additional comfort to my hands through efficient gripping.

For gaming

Mechanical keyboards are built primarily for the gaming and Cherry MX Red switches work incredibly well to improve your overall gaming performance. With the RGB backlights, you can program each key of specific function with different color backlight to make it easier to recognize keys for particular functionality.

Frankly speaking I am not a hardcore gamer and the added multimedia keys have proven its efficiency in providing me the additional edge to efficiently concentrate on my game; personally, I just loved that volume control roller.


As I have already specified that I am not a hardcore gamer. Although I have played many games but I have never been competitive in gaming and I have always used mechanical keyboards for the sole purpose of my office work. Since the purchase of my first mechanical keyboard, I have been a big fan of these keyboards because of their anti ghosting properties and they also allow me to work faster with minimum errors (conventional keyboards used to create a lot of mistakes while typing as fast pace).

Cherry MX Speed switches provided with the keyboard works well with typing job and they make lesser noise than the other switches. These switches are built with Linear behavior which make it feel light weighted and easy to type at a fast pace.

Should You Buy

We have gone through each and everything that you should know before making a purchase. But it’s important to answer few questions before you make your decision clearer.

Why Corsair?

Corsair has established themselves as a market leader in the keyboard industry through constant high performance and the reliability of products. You might find some mechanical keyboards at the much cheaper price but you will definitely not get the quality Corsair is providing.

Should you go for RGB or single-color back light?

A mechanical keyboard is a long-term investment and they are built to last long, possessing the ability to customize the color combinations of back lights will protect you from being bored of same color settings. Investment of additional $20USD will give you the ability to change the color combination of timely basis.

Is it worth investing?

After going through detailed Corsair k70 lux review my personal feedback is “Its Worth every penny”, once you get yourself into the world of Corsair’s mechanical keyboards you are never going to use those membrane keyboards again, the sound of the keys will seem like music to ears, your typing performance will definitely get considerable upgrade and this keyboard will surely make you fall in love with the elegance and stability.