Best underwater photos

The ocean is a place of beauty and wonder for those who get the chance to dive deep under. Check out these best underwater photos.

You never know just what you’ll find when you take a dive. The ocean is truly mysterious and beautiful.

The Hawksbill Sea Turtle swims towards the light. Although it looks alone, there are millions of other sea animals floating nearby.

Plastic stuck in the coral. This is just one of the very sad photos of pollution’s destruction to the ocean. As humans, we must be aware of waste pollution and find ways in our everyday lives to reduce it.

The ocean is a place of vibrant colours, as well as flowers. Who would have known?

The healing powers of yoga can be felt even underwater.

Found Nemo, now where is Dory? A lively photo of clown fish swimming amongst the coral, as the deep blue ocean behind them makes their orange colour stand out.

The deep blue ocean does not feel so blue when there is a Great White Shark eyeing you.

Even sea turtles know how to selfie.


Hopefully these underwater photos have inspired you to take a dip down below and discover all the beauty that lives there.